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Have a website or a blog and you want to monetize content? Been applying for for Google Adsense but for some reasons, you were consistently being declined?  Or banned in Google Adsense and you want to earn from your web traffic?

Don't get frustrated, we have here Google Adsense alternatives to keep you going:
  • Yahoo|Bing Contextual Ads by - I believe yahoo is not offering a direct publisher program but they tied up with for the yahoo ads. This is an invitation only program so not everyone can just apply and get approved. The ads are also highly customizable meaning you can change the colors, fonts, skins and other feature to make them perfectly fit to your website/blog.  Yahoo only partners with publishers that publishes premium content, meaning, they are also picky but give it a try! Just go to their website and "Request an Invite".  Actually, my first application with Google Adsense was denied but when I applied you Yahoo Contextual Ads via I got approved and now earning more!

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  • Chitika - I believe Chitika is the next in line.  You can use it along with Adsense as it does not violate its terms and conditions. Chitika pays via Paypal $10 USD minimum, which is good for starters or via check $50 minimum. I am actually using Chitika along with my Yahoo|Bing Contextual Ads by and so far so good.  Chitika is also a contextual ad program, thus, it also provide ads based on your website content. 
  • Nuffnang - Nuffnang is a blogger community which operates only in certain countries, including, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, China, Hongkong, Thailand and United Kingdom.  In Nuffnang, you will receive invites to exclusive events when you have an Glitterati status, which can be easily achieved when you place only Nuffnang ads in your website. Ads are usually image ads and are in the form of large square, leaderboard and skyscaper for sidebar.  They also require ads to be placed to a premium location.  Google Adsense and Nuffnang fit together so you need not worry if you have both.
  • Clicksor is ad advertising network that allows you to serve text, contextual and popup ads. With more than 150,000 pages working on Clicksor, it’s became quite a good alternative to Google Adsense. They share up to 60% of the revenue depending on the ad (popup ads usually generate more) and they can pay you via check or Paypal with a minimum of $50.
  • Yes Advertising
  • Adhitz
  • Infolinks
  • Bidvertiser
We will update this listing once we have available information.  You can also share yours! :)

While it is true that programs have varying policies towards acceptance of publisher, this is only their ways of providing value to their other side customers - the advertisers.  At the end of the day, we are not just blogging to make money, but to provide our readers a meaningful content to read.  We can't just write and write without really giving the best user experience to our readers.  Blogs of good read are the one the advertisers are looking as well as the readers so make it your blog.

To ensure that your application will be approved, here are our tips:
  • You should have a good, decent traffic.  I'm no search engine optimization (SEO) expert but choosing the right words is a key for increasing your traffic.  Use key words that you anticipate are the key searches of your readers and focus your discussion around that key word.  There are so many articles scattered in the web on how to increase your traffic, decently, and maintaining you site's reputation.
  • Write meaningful contents.  Write articles that are useful to your readers.  Don't write trash, don't copy someone else blog, don't pretend to be and expert when you are not, just make your site interesting and interactive as much as possible that readers will have the interest to explore your site's content.  In the end, your good content will be the best asset you have to earn significant amount.
  • Have your site indexed.  There are a lot of directories where you can submit your site URL for indexing.  Indexing increases search engine visibility and therefore increases your traffic.
We are not in a position to guarantee that after following these simple advice, your application will instantly approved but we are hopeful that we are of great help.  What I stated here are what I actually experienced and I really works for me.  Maybe time for you to try. :)

My advise for the types those who want to place any ads in your website or blog, especially Google Adsense, invest on your content and earnings will follow.


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