Everyday is a Unique, Extraordinary Day at 9:15 AM

Everyday is a Unique, Extraordinary Day A Good Fight

Every day is a new challenge.  From the time you wake up until the time you go back to sleep, there is a battle you need to fight and you have to keep winning for you to stay alive the next day and moving forward.  You get wounded sometimes but that wound can be healed, either easily today, or slowly tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Healing may take long, but it won't last a lifetime.  Nothing last a lifetime so leave everyday like it is your last. It's just a wound anyway, you are still alive and can keep fighting.

Failure breaks your heart.  It is sad thinking that you didn't make it despite of having a good fight, despite of giving your best.  You feel inferior, you feel down. You feel like everything you have had gone. You expected too much, you hoped too much. But in the end, you end up not making it.  What's more frustrating?  How can you bring back the broken pieces of your heart?
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