Best Alternative to Google Adsense at 1:48 PM

Best Alternative to Google Adsense
Have a website or a blog and you want to monetize content? Been applying for for Google Adsense but for some reasons, you were consistently being declined?  Or banned in Google Adsense and you want to earn from your web traffic?

Don't get frustrated, we have here Google Adsense alternatives to keep you going:
  • Yahoo|Bing Contextual Ads by Media.net - I believe yahoo is not offering a direct publisher program but they tied up with Media.net for the yahoo ads. This is an invitation only program so not everyone can just apply and get approved. The ads are also highly customizable meaning you can change the colors, fonts, skins and other feature to make them perfectly fit to your website/blog.  Yahoo only partners with publishers that publishes premium content, meaning, they are also picky but give it a try! Just go to their website and "Request an Invite".  Actually, my first application with Google Adsense was denied but when I applied you Yahoo Contextual Ads via Media.net I got approved and now earning more!

    Earn more like me! Sign up for Media.net Here! We have partnered with Media.net and we are giving you 10% more earnings when you sign up HERE.
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Make Money Online Using Clickworker and Microworker at 12:57 PM

Make Money Online Using Clickworker and Microworker Have you ever think of how you can work online through internet and earn extra bucks for you to spent on whatever you want? Well, just to give you an idea, here is our review of the two growing virtual workplace in the internet:
And oh, aside from Microworker and Clickworker, we also written for you Working Online, at Home with Elance and Freelancer. You should also check it out.
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Working Online, at Home with Elance and Freelancer at 12:23 PM

Working Online, at Home with Elance and Freelancer
Looking for an online job?  Nowadays, people are becoming practical and are looking for ways to work at the convenience of their homes.  Some are even just taking a vacation and working on-line.  It's a great opportunity for everyone that internet has been developed because a lot on people is making good money out of it. E-lanceFreelancer, ring a bell?

Advantages of Working Online

Working online has a lot of advantages.  I would focus to these 7 items (some were adopted from wib-i.com):
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Bitcoins - A new kind of money, a virtual currency at 5:47 AM

Bitcoins - A new kind of money, a virtual currency
Friends of mine, also professional accountants, and I were talking about blogging and how can a blogger earn money in blogging and from using an internet when our conversation shifted to virtual currencies, which are currently used in the internet to transact online businesses.  It was my first time to hear about Bitcoins! I intially thought that Bitcoins are similar with Paypal, Payza, Liberty Reserves and other similar virtual currencies, but after a few research I realized it is not.

Paypal and other payment processors is different with Bitcoins in variety of ways, major of which is that, PayPal and other processors are just platform and it can't be use without integrating you credit cards or bank accounts while Bitcoins are the units and at the same time the platform.

This post discusses about:
  • What is Bitcoin?
  • Where Bitcoins come from?
  • Where Bitcoins are kept?
  • How to get Bitcoins?
  • Where can we use Bitcoins?
  • Famous articles regarding Bitcoins
  • Accounting treatment for Bitcoins

What is Bitcoin?

Browsing the web, I found some interesting facts about bit coins. And what is a Bitcoin?  Watch this video for you to learn the basics of Bitcoin.
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Free Premium Blogger Templates at 4:23 PM

Free Premium Blogger Templates I was looking for a perfect template to use for my blog when I found http://template-blogspot.com.  This site basically has everything I need when it comes to Blogger templates and the best of all, they're FREE!

Take a look at some examples I have searched from the site.  They're only in the search page result and they have hundreds of amazing templates to choose from.  Go visit http://template-blogspot.com now and put some spice in your blog!
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Tips: How to add Contact Form Widget to Blogger at 3:57 PM

Tips: How to add Contact Form Widget to Blogger Visitors can easily drop a message to you straight from your blog. You don’t have to reveal your email address to the web to provide users with an option to contact you.If you like getting suggestions, queries or any other feedback from the users, make sure that you add the contact form to your blog. It’s really easy to add the form and doesn’t require any 3rd party code to be added to your blog.

How to add the contact form to Blogger

Login to your Blogger Dashboard and Navigate to the Layout Page
Click on the Add a Gadget Link and select More from the left Menu. You can add the add the brand new contact form the right side list
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Earn from your blog: Affiliate marketing made easy using VigLink at 3:38 PM

You have a blog or a website and you want to earn from them.  You registered with an affiliate marketing program but it requires you to insert links one-by-one to your website to that it can be clicked by your readers.  Why do that if there is an easy way?

Using VigLink

What is VigLink first?  According to its website:
VigLink is built on the idea that publishers should be compensated for the content they create and the commerce they drive. The largest network of its kind, VigLink maximizes earnings for tens of thousands of publishers and works with more than 30,000 merchants, processing billions of page views and over three hundred million clicks every month.
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Review: Global Test Market - Earn Money From Surveys at 1:56 PM

There are a lot of paid online surveys offered in the internet today, but not all are valid and reliable.  Some are scam and some will just wait your time.  One of the best paid online surveys I experienced is "Global Test Market" which is owned and operated by Global Market Insite, Inc.

Global Test Market offers paid market surveys to its members.  You need to be register as a member and set up your account to start answering surveys.  You will be required to complete certain qualifying surveys so that they will know something about you which will be the basis of the types of surveys you will be participating.
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