Earn from your blog: Affiliate marketing made easy using VigLink

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You have a blog or a website and you want to earn from them.  You registered with an affiliate marketing program but it requires you to insert links one-by-one to your website to that it can be clicked by your readers.  Why do that if there is an easy way?

Using VigLink

What is VigLink first?  According to its website:
VigLink is built on the idea that publishers should be compensated for the content they create and the commerce they drive. The largest network of its kind, VigLink maximizes earnings for tens of thousands of publishers and works with more than 30,000 merchants, processing billions of page views and over three hundred million clicks every month.
Well, for me, VigLink is a tool that makes you earn money from your online content without effort at all! All you have to do is write the best content and VigLink will do the conversion for you.
  • VigLink automatically inserts link in your post to an article of commerce, meaning a product which may be bought online and if that product is bought, you have commission!
  • VigLink keeps tracks of all your commission and all you have to do is redeem.
Well, it is not really "no effort at all" since you have to insert a code in your website/blog so that the link insertion will function.

VigLink Products

Products of VigLink are:
  • VigLink Convert - VigLink can convert your existing links into links that earn revenue.Clicks that turn into purchases from anyone in our ever-expanding universe of over 30,000 retailers, turn into commissions for you.
  • VigLink Insert - VigLink Insert can more than double your VigLink earnings. Our state-of-the-art semantic technology automatically links merchants, brands, and products to the most relevant and valuable destination.
  • VigLink Anywhere - Links you post to Twitter, Facebook or even emails can take the earning power of VigLink along for the ride. Just build the URL with VigLink, shorten if you like, and share anywhere. Get paid when clicks turn into purchases.
How can I register to VigLink?

Of course, above all, you need to have a website or a blog where you have the ability to insert the required codes.  In other word, you need to have the ability to edit the source code or install and API in that particular website or blog.  You have it?
  1. Register to VigLink using This Link.
  2. Fill up the necessary information regarding your website and your personal information.
  3. Confirm your application with your e-mail should you asked to.
How will I install VigLink in my website/blog?

There will be a code that you have on your page when you are already signed up and this should be inserted at the very end of your pages, just before the </body> tag.

The code needs to be present on every page where you'd like VigLink to work. The best way to install this code everywhere is to add it to your site's template.

You have your Forum and Blog Installation?  VigLink have a variety of plug-ins that you can use to install VigLink on your site, blog or forum.

For Forums: 
For Blogs:
Just follow the instructions and you can install VigLink in your site using plug-ins! No sweat! ;)

Refer & Earn 35%

Just like other online money making programs, VigLink has a referral program that will let you earn from the people you get to make use of VigLink.

Know someone who’ll love VigLink? When you refer a fellow publisher to VigLink, you’ll earn 35% of our commission for the first year. Just share your unique link on the right. Below are some display ads to steal and share!

I strongly suggest the use of VigLink for a maximum revenue fro your online content! I am referring you to VigLink so that you can start earning big time! Click Here to Start!


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