What is Option Trading and Why you should Try it? at 9:02 PM

What is Option Trading and Why you should Try it? There are easy ways to earn money without being scammed, do you agree?

First of all, I want you to be aware that this is a "high risk, high return" investment strategy. You may loss your entire investment too soon if you don't understand what you're doing. If you understand the risk and you want to go ahead anyway, then welcome!

The good news is, if you carefully do your trade, you can earn up to 85% of your investment in 15 minutes (for binary) or 30 seconds (for turbo). This, without being scammed. I am taking about IQ Option.

If you want to try it but you don't want to take the risk yet. Don't worry, you can always start with the demo account - no obligation whatsoever. Click Here to sign up for a Demo Account.

Up to 80% Profit in 15 Minutes

Oh, yeah! It's not a joke! You can earn up to 85% of your investment in 15 minutes, with the right strategy. Actually, you can do that even in 30 seconds, but is riskier.

Let me share some example from my trading activity. As you can see, those inside the blue line are successful trades. In the first line for example. I invested $2.00 which became $3.64. My profit was $1.64 or 82% of my investment in just 15 minutes because I traded binary.

Of course, life has ups and downs so we can't avoid losing some our the trades too. If you refer to the above trading history again, inside the red line, you will notice that I loss two (2) trades. In order to prevent this from happening, you really have to carefully study your move and use a hedging strategy as much as possible. Hedging is so easy - you just have to lock in the gains.

Not Yet Sure? Sign Up for Demo Account First

Of course, you are hesitant to put your hard earned money to something you don't really understand. We'd like you to know it's so easy that even a fifth grader can do it! Trading is just a matter of PUT and CALL. Still unclear? Why not sign up for a Demo Account and try it the first time.

Demo Account is always FREE! Nothing to lose. No investment required. In fact you are given $1,000 to be used for demo purposes. Use it sparingly until you understand how the system works and you are ready to trade.

How To Trade?

Believe me when I say, "Trading is so easy a fifth-grader can do it!" 

Below is an actual screen shot of the actual trade. If you notice, there is a thin horizontal line which represents the current price of the asset. We are trading the option to purchase EUR (Euro) in exchange to NZD (New Zealand Dollar). There are also other assets you can choose from, with varying profit %, just click the drop down button besides the EUR/NZD.

All you have to do to trade is whether predict whether the price will go up or down! Refer to the yellow arrow I placed in the picture above. 

If you believe that the exchange rate in the screen will go lower than 1.5987 by the expiration time which is 11:15 (the red vertical line), click "PUT" (the Red button).  At 11:15 when the line is anywhere lower than 1.5987 (example 1.5984), then your $2.00 will earn $1.44 so the total proceeds of the trade is $3.44.

If you believe that the exchange rate in the screen will go higher than 1.5987 by the expiration time which is 11:15 (the red vertical line), click "CALL" (the Green button).  At 11:15 when the line is anywhere higher than 1.5987 (example 1.6123), then your $2.00 will earn $1.44 so the total proceeds of the trade is $3.44.

Needless to say, if you PUT, but on the expiration, the rate is higher than 1.5987, you will loss your the entire $2.00 investment.  The same when you choose CALL but the rate actually went lower than 1.5987. That's the risk.

Purchase deadline is the time when you are allowed to purchase more. It's also the best time to hedge your position, if you want. After that, you will have to wait for 5 minutes to find out whether or not your trade is successful.

You can increase the "Time" of expiration to give you more time/opportunity to hedge your position if you want. You can also increase the "Amount" of the investment. The higher the amount, the higher the return. But in my case, I preferred to take it slow investing only $2.00 at a time.

Below is an example of a SUCCESSFUL trade:

In this example, I invested $1.00 CALL (I expect it to go up) at first. And when the rate went down and started to go up again, I invested another $1.00 again to partially hedge my position. And when the rate wen up, up, up, until the expiration, my investment earned me $1.50.

Needless to say, when instead of the rate went down, lower than the levels when I placed my two investments, I would have lost all my $2.00. If the expiration rate is between my 2 positions, I will still get $1.75 (lossing only $0.25), because I hedge my first position.

Interesting, right? Get started with IQ Option now!

They also have some tutorials, before you get started Click Here.

Trade as Low as $1.00

With IQ Option, you can trade big but you can start trading from $1.00.  Again, you can initially sign up a Demo Account to experience how it works for free. 

When you are ready, all you need is a Credit Card, Neteller, Web Money or Skrill account to make your initial deposit. Yes, you can trade as low as $1.00 but you need to deposit at least $10.00. Yes! Only $10.00 initial deposit. Well, if you want to trade more, then deposit more. Nothing to loss as long as you know what you are doing. 

Get a Demo Account now and when you're ready, Get started with live IQ Option

When you already have it, find out everything you need to know. And when you already know how it works, start small but aim big.


The results of your trade will depend on how well you predict the movements in the prices of the assets you choose. It's not guaranteed to profit all the time. A careful study may be necessary for a more informed decision, but a trend analysis may work sometimes.

If you understand the risk and you want to proceed anyway, you can get started now!

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How to format a percentage in a merge field (in MS Word)? at 5:35 AM

How to format a percentage in a merge field (in MS Word)? May be you're like me - wants to make life easier by taking shortcuts. And when it comes to making letters, certificates, e-mails, contracts with various recipients and counter-parties with different data but with the same fields, nothing beats Mail Merge function of Microsoft Word, at least for me.

Formatting numbers can easily be done. However, formatting percentages is somehow not that easy.

For example, you have 17.12% in your Excel (used as data source) and you want it to appear in your Word document just the same.
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Surveys that Earn Me Cash! Must Try! at 11:23 PM

Surveys that Earn Me Cash! Must Try!
Heard of earning cash from surveys? Yes! They are very true!

Take note however that in the world of internet, 90% of the earning opportunities are most likely scam and only 10% of those are legit. So if you bump into some opportunity, be cautious and do your independent research. Not because someone is earning it already means that it's legit. Most of the time, it's scam.

We'd like to help you avoid scam and give you an idea, if you still don't have, on how to earn cash from answering surveys. We want you to experience only the best, as far as our experience is concern, and we assure you that these are 100% legal and paying (though it really take some time).

Without further-ado here are my list of survey-offering sites that pays:


i-PanelOnline site is one of the most famous platform where you can earn points by answering surveys, publishing your opinion and even just for logging in!

i-PanelOnline awards you points ranging from 1-1000 for survey participation. If you started answering a survey and eventually screened out, you will still earn 1 point. You can also earn (30 to 1,000 points) from inviting others to be members of i-PanelOnline. This is apart from the 5% of the earnings of your referrals' earning that will be paid to you. 1,000 points is equivalent to P500, in Philippine currency, that will enable you to cash out. There are also sweepstakes here where you can earn significant amount.

Compared with the others, this platform is the most versatile for me and I highly recommend it. It's not the highest paying though, but you can participate with all other programs to maximize earning opportunity.

Click here to join i-PanelOnline

Survey Savvy

Another one is Survey Savvy. The core concept is basically the same.  You will earn by answering surveys. You will also earn by referring your friends and the general public.

What's unique with Survey Savvy is that you will be able to earn from referral two different ways. The Tier 1 is earning from direct referrals. The Tier 2 is earning from the referrals of your referrals (indirect referrals). This means that the more referral you have, the more earnings you can get! Sharing Survey Savvy opportunity is really rewarding. There are also sweepstakes and contests here where you can earn significant amount.

You will need to earn only $1 in order to request pay out. That's awesome!

Click here to join Survey Savvy


Next one is PaidViewPoint. I've been with PaidViewPoint for three years now and I would say they are "tried and tested" when it comes to paying for answering surveys.

With PaidViewPoint, you will need to answer random "trait surveys" that will increase your "trait score" the higher the trait score you have, the greater your payment for answering the surveys will be. You will also earn by referring your friends and the general public to register and answer surveys.

I rarely receive surveys from this program but enough for me to earn something to buy coffee. :D Maybe because of the location? I read some blogs about how often people receive surveys from this program - they're not from Philippines. But it's also worth trying, nothing to lose.

In this program, you will need to earn $15 for you to cash out.

Click here to join PaidViewPoint


With iPoll, registration alone will give you a $5 bonus!

Unlike the other program, referring to the program will not earn you anything (even I will not earn referring you here). But what's wonderful here is that they are the best/highest paying per surveys answered compared to the others here. There are also sweepstakes here where you can earn significant amount.

With this program, you need to earn $25 for you to cash out.

Click here to join i-Poll.

Global Test Market

Same as the other, you can earn answering surveys.  You can also earn by referring your friends and the general public. There are also sweepstakes here where you can earn significant amount.

With Global Test Market, you will earn 30-100 points by answering a survey and 20 points for referring your friends. 1,000 points can be converted to $50.

You will need 1,000 points to claim your reward/cash out.

E-mail me for me to invite you at Global Test Market.

Here's the Catch

We are confident that you will earn and will not be scammed joining the program we introduced to you, 100%. You will earn because, they (and their clients) need your opinion. Since they need your opinion, they are willing to pay for it. Most of these are market research companies and they are being engage to conduct study of their clients' market.

With all of these programs, you need to answer profile questions for them to know you better and for them to find the more appropriate surveys for you. It will take some time at the start but once you're done with it, you will start receiving appropriate surveys that will enable you to earn.

Our disclaimer here is that, you will earn cash answering survey, but it's not enough to replace your job. Spending less than 30 minutes each day answering survey will not make you rich. It will only give you some rewards that you can call "extra income" rather than wasting your time in the internet.

Also available - earn cash as online worker. Click here for details!

Remember, you are not required to buy or spend anything in these programs so it's worth trying.  You will not lose anything (even your weight =D ).

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Your Late-Night Emails Are Hurting Your Team at 6:29 PM

Your Late-Night Emails Are Hurting Your Team
I have read an article from the Harvard Business Review website with the above title written by Maura Thomas and I think it's interesting enough to share with you. I am, personally, one of the person who blast e-mails late at night, just as soon as they get into my mind so that I will not forget them, but reading this article made me realize that it's wrong. The article starts in the following paragraph.  All credits are due to the author.

Around 11 p.m. one night, you realize there’s a key step your team needs to take on a current project. So, you dash off an email to the team members while you’re thinking about it.

No time like the present, right?

Wrong. As a productivity trainer specializing in attention management, I’ve seen over the past decade how after-hours emails speed up corporate cultures — and that, in turn, chips away at creativity, innovation, and true productivity.
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Formatting Numbers in a Merge Field in Microsoft Word at 12:01 AM

Formatting Numbers in a Merge Field in Microsoft Word
You might already know how powerful the "Mail Merge" function of the Microsoft Word is! 

With only a single "letter" (assuming you are writing a letter), you can print it for a thousand recipients without manually typing all the names, addresses and other unique information. Isn't that awesome?

This article assumes that you are already familiar with, and already using the mail merge.

When performing a mail merge in Word, numbers don’t always automatically display with the correct formatting (currency, decimals, etc.). Here’s how to fix it.

Formatting Prices with a “Numeric Picture Switch”

Numbers don’t always automatically display with the correct formatting (currency, decimals, etc.). To fix that:

  1. On your original source document (before completing the merge), right-click on the field and select “Toggle Field Codes.”
  2. It will look something like this (where “Price” is your particular field name):
    { MERGEFIELD “Price” }
  3. Place your cursor before the closing bracket and type:
    \# $,#.00(There is a space between the first # and the $.)
  4. It should now look like:
    { MERGEFIELD “Price” \# $,#.00 }
  5. Right-click on the field name once again and select “Toggle Field Codes” to return to the original view. Your prices should now display appropriately.

What do the Symbols Mean?

\# - Begins the “switch” which tells the document to apply formatting to the number.
$ - The character to display at the beginning of the number (in this case, a dollar sign).
, - Indicates that you want commas to designate thousands.
# - The number of number signs (#) typed after the comma indicate the number of digits that should be forced to display.
.00 - Indicates that you want to include a decimal point to two places with each number. Anytime a number to be merged doesn’t include decimals, it will display with zeros.

What can you say about this tip? Let us know! :)

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My UBER Experience - Tried UBER for the First Time! at 9:59 AM

My UBER Experience - Tried UBER for the First Time! Heard of UBER?

It's a new app developed by a relatively new business (well, at least new in the Philippines perhaps) that caters generally to commuters. It's somewhat similar to GrabTaxi and EasyTaxi, if you know any of them.

The difference is, you will not be riding a public utility vehicle but a private car. Their tagline - "Everyone's private driver".

I there are to many questions running in your mind having read the introduction and let's answer those one-by-one and as many as possible as you are reading this post. Click here, if you want to sign up and try UBER.

How to Use Uber?

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'Want' is Enough: You don't have to 'need' a thing to buy it at 5:41 AM

'Want' is Enough: You don't have to 'need' a thing to buy it We have no satisfaction. Contentment is just something cannot be easily satisfied. Despite of the fact that we already have something good, we want something better or something more.

Oftentimes, we buy material things for luxury. Why? Because we want it! But the question is, do we need it? 

I am a kind of person who sticks on my need rather than what I want. Of course there are just some times when I really want a thing and I would definitely put it in my list, so when I got the capacity to buy it, I won't think twice. That's me.

A friend of mine, however, has a different perspective of buying. He buys something he doesn't need, and that is habbitual. He's as practical as I am when it comes to necessities but he's fun of shelling out considerable amount for something he doesn't really need.
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I was Born to Stand Up, Stand Out at 9:41 AM

I was Born to Stand Up, Stand Out Disappointment is pretty common in my everyday work life.  It's normal, I am full of hopes, dreams and expectations. I expect, I look forward, and I trust everything is alright.

I've talked to a person I seldom talk to, for some reasons, and asked her why was I not given a turn.  Of all things, "Your rating is low, you have to repeat your FDW." was the response.  Repeat the what...?

Oh, I guess, of all the things, this one's not mine.  I should give it up and give others a turn.

But wait, didn't they all have their fair turn and I should also have mine?
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Quarter Life Crisis at 10:47 AM

Quarter Life Crisis It is when you stop going along with the crowd and start realizing that there are many things about yourself that you didn’t know and may not like. You start feeling insecure and wonder where you will be in a year or tow, but then get scared because you barely know where you are now.

You start realizing that people are selfish and that, may, those friends that you thought you were so close to aren’t’ exactly the greatest people you have ever met, and the people you have lost touch with are some of the most import ones. What you don’t recognize is that they are realizing that too, and aren’t really cold, catty, mean or insincere, but that they are as confused as you.
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Everyday is a Unique, Extraordinary Day at 9:15 AM

Everyday is a Unique, Extraordinary Day A Good Fight

Every day is a new challenge.  From the time you wake up until the time you go back to sleep, there is a battle you need to fight and you have to keep winning for you to stay alive the next day and moving forward.  You get wounded sometimes but that wound can be healed, either easily today, or slowly tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Healing may take long, but it won't last a lifetime.  Nothing last a lifetime so leave everyday like it is your last. It's just a wound anyway, you are still alive and can keep fighting.

Failure breaks your heart.  It is sad thinking that you didn't make it despite of having a good fight, despite of giving your best.  You feel inferior, you feel down. You feel like everything you have had gone. You expected too much, you hoped too much. But in the end, you end up not making it.  What's more frustrating?  How can you bring back the broken pieces of your heart?
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