'Want' is Enough: You don't have to 'need' a thing to buy it

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We have no satisfaction. Contentment is just something cannot be easily satisfied. Despite of the fact that we already have something good, we want something better or something more.

Oftentimes, we buy material things for luxury. Why? Because we want it! But the question is, do we need it? 

I am a kind of person who sticks on my need rather than what I want. Of course there are just some times when I really want a thing and I would definitely put it in my list, so when I got the capacity to buy it, I won't think twice. That's me.

A friend of mine, however, has a different perspective of buying. He buys something he doesn't need, and that is habbitual. He's as practical as I am when it comes to necessities but he's fun of shelling out considerable amount for something he doesn't really need.

One sunny afternoon, we are on our way out of town for some personal business. An oldman, sweating, wearing an old faded jeans and a white stained shirt approached our seat. "Kiat-kiat (a miniature version of ponkan) for sale. Just 60 pesos. Exactly weighed. No more no less." he uttered.

To describe him further, he's like 70 to 80 years old, thin-built, the thinest you can ever imagine. He has the face of someone you cannot trust.

He told the oldman, "Two bags, please." The old man handed him two bags of kiat-kiat and my friend turned over rhe payment. 120 pesos for those two bags.

He told me, "How overpriced are these fruits are." He lifted it and like weighing them in his hands and say "I think these are even underweight". 

I told him, "Let me guess, that is your favorite fruit?" He replied, "What? No!" with a face extremely disagreeing. I began to wonder. I asked him curiously "Then why did you buy that much?". He smiled and paused few seconds.

He looked at me and carefully said, "You have a nice phone, do you need it to be that nice?" I just can't find how it is related to the question I asked. He continued, "Some people buy signature bags, clothes, hi-tech and latest gadget, but do they really need those?" The queations in my mind started to go deeper and it already wrinkles my forehead. He continued "No, those were not necessities! They just WANT those, for personal reasons, maybe luxury, maybe something to boast or say, just for self-fulfillment. Some people feel that they are fulfilled when they can buy luxury."

Still, I wasn't able to fugure it out. "You feel fulfilled buying that many kiat-kiat?", I asked.

He smiled and said "Yes." I just showed a very questioning face. I wanna say "What???" but hold it when he continued "You don't have to 'need' a thing to buy it. All you need to consider is whether you can buy it, and most importantly, whether others need you to buy it."

I thought in the background that there may be someone who asked him to buy those. But thinking that we are heading somewhere else, I discarded that thought. 

He said "You saw how that oldman tries to sell these fruits right? Just to earn a living. Yes, I have an idea that he's selling me overpriced. But, if others are willing to buy overpriced bags, jewelries, etc to have something to boast or for self fulfillment, then I can also buy some overpriced fruits for my own self-fulfilment. The fact that you are of help to others is self-fulfilling, right?"

Oh well, I couldn't disagree. I am a witnessed on how he gave beggars we encountered in the streets some food or money, but what had happened was just too deep for me to realize. And the lesson really sunk in. This lesson have made me realize that it is enough that others need you for you to help them. You don't have to need them to. And most of all, giving says it all. We may not be speaking that we care, but by giving, they will know that we care. If they fail to realize that, don't worry, God still know that and He's very proud of you.


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