What is Option Trading and Why you should Try it?

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There are easy ways to earn money without being scammed, do you agree?

First of all, I want you to be aware that this is a "high risk, high return" investment strategy. You may loss your entire investment too soon if you don't understand what you're doing. If you understand the risk and you want to go ahead anyway, then welcome!

The good news is, if you carefully do your trade, you can earn up to 85% of your investment in 15 minutes (for binary) or 30 seconds (for turbo). This, without being scammed. I am taking about IQ Option.

If you want to try it but you don't want to take the risk yet. Don't worry, you can always start with the demo account - no obligation whatsoever. Click Here to sign up for a Demo Account.

Up to 80% Profit in 15 Minutes

Oh, yeah! It's not a joke! You can earn up to 85% of your investment in 15 minutes, with the right strategy. Actually, you can do that even in 30 seconds, but is riskier.

Let me share some example from my trading activity. As you can see, those inside the blue line are successful trades. In the first line for example. I invested $2.00 which became $3.64. My profit was $1.64 or 82% of my investment in just 15 minutes because I traded binary.

Of course, life has ups and downs so we can't avoid losing some our the trades too. If you refer to the above trading history again, inside the red line, you will notice that I loss two (2) trades. In order to prevent this from happening, you really have to carefully study your move and use a hedging strategy as much as possible. Hedging is so easy - you just have to lock in the gains.

Not Yet Sure? Sign Up for Demo Account First

Of course, you are hesitant to put your hard earned money to something you don't really understand. We'd like you to know it's so easy that even a fifth grader can do it! Trading is just a matter of PUT and CALL. Still unclear? Why not sign up for a Demo Account and try it the first time.

Demo Account is always FREE! Nothing to lose. No investment required. In fact you are given $1,000 to be used for demo purposes. Use it sparingly until you understand how the system works and you are ready to trade.

How To Trade?

Believe me when I say, "Trading is so easy a fifth-grader can do it!" 

Below is an actual screen shot of the actual trade. If you notice, there is a thin horizontal line which represents the current price of the asset. We are trading the option to purchase EUR (Euro) in exchange to NZD (New Zealand Dollar). There are also other assets you can choose from, with varying profit %, just click the drop down button besides the EUR/NZD.

All you have to do to trade is whether predict whether the price will go up or down! Refer to the yellow arrow I placed in the picture above. 

If you believe that the exchange rate in the screen will go lower than 1.5987 by the expiration time which is 11:15 (the red vertical line), click "PUT" (the Red button).  At 11:15 when the line is anywhere lower than 1.5987 (example 1.5984), then your $2.00 will earn $1.44 so the total proceeds of the trade is $3.44.

If you believe that the exchange rate in the screen will go higher than 1.5987 by the expiration time which is 11:15 (the red vertical line), click "CALL" (the Green button).  At 11:15 when the line is anywhere higher than 1.5987 (example 1.6123), then your $2.00 will earn $1.44 so the total proceeds of the trade is $3.44.

Needless to say, if you PUT, but on the expiration, the rate is higher than 1.5987, you will loss your the entire $2.00 investment.  The same when you choose CALL but the rate actually went lower than 1.5987. That's the risk.

Purchase deadline is the time when you are allowed to purchase more. It's also the best time to hedge your position, if you want. After that, you will have to wait for 5 minutes to find out whether or not your trade is successful.

You can increase the "Time" of expiration to give you more time/opportunity to hedge your position if you want. You can also increase the "Amount" of the investment. The higher the amount, the higher the return. But in my case, I preferred to take it slow investing only $2.00 at a time.

Below is an example of a SUCCESSFUL trade:

In this example, I invested $1.00 CALL (I expect it to go up) at first. And when the rate went down and started to go up again, I invested another $1.00 again to partially hedge my position. And when the rate wen up, up, up, until the expiration, my investment earned me $1.50.

Needless to say, when instead of the rate went down, lower than the levels when I placed my two investments, I would have lost all my $2.00. If the expiration rate is between my 2 positions, I will still get $1.75 (lossing only $0.25), because I hedge my first position.

Interesting, right? Get started with IQ Option now!

They also have some tutorials, before you get started Click Here.

Trade as Low as $1.00

With IQ Option, you can trade big but you can start trading from $1.00.  Again, you can initially sign up a Demo Account to experience how it works for free. 

When you are ready, all you need is a Credit Card, Neteller, Web Money or Skrill account to make your initial deposit. Yes, you can trade as low as $1.00 but you need to deposit at least $10.00. Yes! Only $10.00 initial deposit. Well, if you want to trade more, then deposit more. Nothing to loss as long as you know what you are doing. 

Get a Demo Account now and when you're ready, Get started with live IQ Option

When you already have it, find out everything you need to know. And when you already know how it works, start small but aim big.


The results of your trade will depend on how well you predict the movements in the prices of the assets you choose. It's not guaranteed to profit all the time. A careful study may be necessary for a more informed decision, but a trend analysis may work sometimes.

If you understand the risk and you want to proceed anyway, you can get started now!


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