Everyday is a Unique, Extraordinary Day

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A Good Fight

Every day is a new challenge.  From the time you wake up until the time you go back to sleep, there is a battle you need to fight and you have to keep winning for you to stay alive the next day and moving forward.  You get wounded sometimes but that wound can be healed, either easily today, or slowly tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Healing may take long, but it won't last a lifetime.  Nothing last a lifetime so leave everyday like it is your last. It's just a wound anyway, you are still alive and can keep fighting.

Failure breaks your heart.  It is sad thinking that you didn't make it despite of having a good fight, despite of giving your best.  You feel inferior, you feel down. You feel like everything you have had gone. You expected too much, you hoped too much. But in the end, you end up not making it.  What's more frustrating?  How can you bring back the broken pieces of your heart?

It is, indeed, just a matter of mindset how you handle things. Yes, I said it. But I know it's easier said than done. But, do we really have an option?  None at all.

You have to move on today, coz if not today, you have to do it tomorrow or the day after tomorrow or maybe the day after forever.

Life is short. So, will you choose to wait for a lifetime?

You don't have to wait a lifetime.  Do what you can do today, do it all, do it best and leave the rest to God.  You may fail, you may stumble.  But do you really have to regret anything?  You did your best, you fought a good fight and you must be proud of yourself. Don't get used to always winning. Success is not measured by the number of battles you've won but the quality of the experience you had on those battles that made you a stronger, better person.  Fight the battle.  Play the game fair.  Just don't let yourself get killed fighting.  You know what I mean.  Never give up.

A New Day

Yes, indeed, everyday is a unique, extraordinary day.  Unique, as you are sure that there is no tomorrow that looks exactly like today. Extraordinary, because, everyday is a remarkable day.  You always learn new, meet new, discover new, do new. Everything is new.  Even the things you just saw yesterday has something new with them today - they're a day older from yesterday.

Everything is new the day after today and you can never bring back yesterday. So leave yesterday behind.

Living everyday has been always a great experience.  At the end of every day, you will tell yourself, "Thanks Lord, I survived this day". Then tomorrow, a new day comes, a new hope is born, a new chance is granted. A new journey where the beginning and ends lies on how you want them to be.  Take the risk, take the chance, accept the changes.  The things that makes you weak are the things that will eventually make you stronger.

A day is so short to ways on building up some others' dream.  Why not do it your way, do it for yourself?  At the end of the day, when everything falls and no one is around, nothing will really help you but yourself.  Prepare for it, embrace it. The fact that others are not there for you isn't just a chance, it's a reality. Build a genuine friendship, but do it not for your own sake but for them.  Think that they need you and you don't really need them. That way you are stronger.

Remember that when a new day comes, a new opportunity opens.  Opportunity to prove yourself, to prove them wrong, to make good of bad times, to make better of what went wrong. Forgive and forget but never forget the lesson of it.

Moving Forward

Others may say, "move forward, don't look back".  But you may have left something behind.  Something that is more important than a what you are looking forward. Look back at where you started, when everything is just a dream an where your hopes are limitless.  What could be more fulfilling than knowing where you are now compared to where you wanna be before? You're already miles away. Entirely different and far better that what you wish to be.  But you have no contentment.  Yes, I believe it's because you keep on dreaming so you keep on reaching.  Remember that you are far better now, and moving up to make yourself the best shouldn't be something priority, yet.

Do things because you love to, not because they do.  

Envy can't make you a better person, it will kill your passion.  Understand yourself, know what you want and pursue it.  How will you be sure of what you want?

I read a blog that says "Think of a thing that will make you cry when you stop doing it".  That is something important to you.  That is something you want to do. Now recollect your thoughts, focus on something that will make you cry when you stop doing, and pursue it.  That's how you move forward.

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