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Are you an employed accountant or a practicing accountant or unemployed accountant and you think you are earning less than what you need? Or you may be earning more than what you need, but less than what you want? Or just say you want to expand your clientele?

Good news for us everyone, accountants, that there is a place where we can work online! We are sharing this to you for you to explore. This might work for you, like it worked for us. Not only us, accountants, but everyone! Even your friend IT professionals, writers, and data encoders, etc.

This place in the internet is called ELANCE.

About Elance

So what really is about this Elance? This is actually a website where you can find online jobs/projects that you can work either part-time or full-time (but we suggest just part-time). You don’t have to mind security, because this is totally secured. You just have to take some precautions, read the tips below. This place is not only for job seekers but also for employers. Visit Elance today so you can discover more about it.

For employees/contractors example jobs are bookkeeping, accounting, valuation, encoding and data entry, website designing, templates or designs (using excel, microsoft access etc), graphic, logo designs, SEO optimization, language translations and a lot more…

The good thing here is, you never ever need to quite your job. You can do it at your spare time even just weekend or any time you want. Fully flexible. 2 hours a day? 4 hours a day? It doesn’t really matter as long as you do what is agreed! It’s on a per project basis, means you are a contractor, unless you decide soon to create an employer-employee relationship with the job/project provider.

Who are Working at Elance?

Who else? Professionals like us, accountants and others! Following are examples of professionals working at Elance:
Example 1: For this example, a Filipino accountant that is expert in using an accounting system has already earned $203 for 3 projects/jobs. Look at his skills, accounting, accounts payable, accounts receivables. This profile screen capture was found bidding for a bookkeeping project. Interesting $203 for 3 jobs, an average of $67.67 per job.
Example 2: For this example, also a Filipino accountant, with 21 jobs done, but made her earnings private. How much her earnings might be? Who can tell? Her projects might be small or big but one thing is for sure, she is liked by her employers as evidenced by 4.7 star rating. Again, you see there quickbooks, MYOB etc because more jobs offered for accountants are bookkeeping, especially from US.
Example 3: For this example, an outsourcing Company consisting of 4 people has already accomplished 133 jobs for $66,083! That is roughly $497 per job. Interesting to know that this place isn’t only for individuals but also for firms.

What do we suggest with those examples? Clearly, we suggest that it is an open opportunity and it is not a scam. Projects in this site are real and are actually funded to keep the contractors protected.

Click THIS –>> LINK to get started!

Projects in Elance, How Does It Look Like?

Generally, projects at Elance are bid out. Meaning you have to bid before you can get a project. Of course if I am the employer, I want the best, but someone affordable to do the job, right? Upon sign up, you will be given 40 connects that you will use to bid. Each bid may required 1 to 3 connects, sometimes even more for large projects. You can increase the number of connects you have for more bid, for you to find out when you are already signed up.

A typical project in Elance looks like this.
The project was all about Book Keeping Management Via Excel for Small Business.

As you can see in the example above, details of the job is given. If you signed up and bid for a job, you can send the employer a message to know more details before placing your bid. For this project, note the following:
  • The required hours is 2 hours, I just don’t know if per day, per week or just 2 hours in entirety. 
  • Hourly rate preferred is less than $10. You may bid for more than $10 but the contractor indicated less $10, so if there are others less than $10, they might have more chance. In the Philippines, $10 per hour is more that P400 per hour already. We can afford to lower it down I think and still that bid is competitive.
  • The green dots with $ sign indicates that the employer has more than enough funding, in escrow. There is really risk credit risk.
Ready now? Click THIS –>> LINK to get started!

You are ready now. But you may want to read some tips below for added security and success on online jobs.

And wait! For individuals, BIR might require you to register for a business when you enter in these kind of jobs and may need to declare income and pay taxes. See RMC 55-2013: Tax Rules and Obligations on Online Business Transactions.

Tips on Working at Elance

Risk of Taking Online Jobs

There is really no safe place. Everywhere is dangerous but at least if you are working online, it puts you away to everyday risk of being stabbed, hold up or robbed outside. :) But even in the internet performing online job, you face plenty of risk, especially the risk risk of being rejected and risk of being scammed.

What you can do to about being rejected? Well, if you have navigated to the page of E-lance and signed up, you will notice that jobs are being bid out. The contractor with a relatively low bid in terms of the rate/amount with the required competency will get the job. Here are my tips for you to avoid the risk of being rejected:
  • Create a profile that shines! Remember, bidding for a particular project is a competition. And to be competitive, your prospective employer needs to see that you have a strong background, a necessary experience and expertise to award you the job. 
  • Prepare a well-written proposal. Before you can work online, you need to find a project where you think suits you most. Variety of projects are available from just can be completed in an hour to a full-time job. Even you have a good profile, you face the risk of being rejected if you have a poor proposal for a particular project. You need to write something that addresses the need of your prospective employer. You need to write something that says what you can do, and will put you ahead of the others. Remember not to exaggerate to much coz you might have the risk of having low or bad rating if you fail to meet expectations. 
  • Bid for a competitive price. Remember again that projects are bid out. Others might be overpricing, others may underpricing. You don’t want to be left behind, of course. What you need to do is just bid at your fair value. You have to strike a balance between the price and the work. You know your value, don’t bid exaggerately high or low.
Oh well, did I already mentioned that you only have limited number of FREE bids/connect? E-lance gives you some bonus connects and even additional cash when you refer someone. You will be given affiliate links so you can post to website or blogs or even just e-mail the link to your friends. And of course, you can buy connects/bids. In exchange for the projects that you may win, connects are, I think, reasonably affordable.

You also have the risk of being scammed. Even in a secured network, you might me scammed E-lance are secured network but stay safe, take precautions. Here are my tips for you not to be scammed:
  • Check the details of too-good-to-be-true projects. There my be jobs which offer so attractive compensation that everyone is just going crazy about it. Learn more about the details. Contact the employer. 
  • Check the details of employer, check the name, back ground, research a bit more about them. Google is always there to help.
  • Avoid bidding for project which are not funded. Funding of projects can be checked in the project details it self. It’s better safe that sorry. Sometimes when you bid, i suggest also to ask down payment in your terms. 
  • Check the ratings and reviews about the employer, check whether they actually pay their contractors. This is one way you can use the rating, so be good also in performing your job.
Taking Some Test for Added Credentials

You already have a good profile because you followed my advise. It doesn’t stop there. You need to show that you really know more, practically. At E-lance they have these “test” to assess what you really know in your field of expertise. Taking these test, your results will be displayed on your profile. It will definitely increase your credentials so take these test only if you are confident that you can have a high score. Some test maybe only retaken in certain period.

Based on my experience, test at E-lance can be freely taken.

It all boils done with building a good profile and good credentials. If you have good profile, employers will even contact you and invite to bid. If you are invited to bid, your connects will not be consumed.

So, looking for work? Sign up on Elance. Get started Today.  Of course, if you want this, feel free and take time to share this.


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